TC Ceramic

Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating



Major Canadian Oil Refinery

"We were able to take a 450°F degree pipe, coat it with 200 mil of product and reduce the surface temperature to 180°F degrees. Due to its location inside a building, this lowered the building temperature considerably and reduced the noise inside the building dramatically."

Bob Sanford of Coach Works of California

"Before coating the roof of our coach the interior temperature exceeded 100 degrees. The ceiling was so hot I couldn't keep my hand on it. After spraying TC Ceramic (on the exterior roof), the temperature inside dropped almost 25-degrees, and the metal ceiling was comfortable to touch." (May 1998  Bus Conversion Magazine.)

Coach Services of California

We coat the roofs of all of our buses, trailers and RV's with TC Ceramic. It cuts the heat dramatically, seals the roof and minimizes leaks because the roof stops expanding and contracting in the sun. Our customers tell us that they dramatically reduce the use of their air conditioners after their roofs are coated with TC Industrial Ceramic. We even coated the roof of our shop. The shop doesn't get hot anymore.

Arizona Bus Sales

"After coating the roof of our first 40-foot transit coach with TC Industrial Ceramic, the interior roof temperature dropped 15 degrees from one day to the next. In a side by side test of two coaches with one roof coated with TC Industrial Ceramic and one roof with white paint, the inside ceiling temperatures were 119°F Vs. 136°F. The TC Ceramic roof was 17 degrees cooler. This was in May before our extreme summer heat. We are also coating the underside of transit coaches because of extreme floor heat from road surfaces."

Gordon Mills of Los Angeles

"We put TC Ceramic on our coach roof. We noticed a dramatic difference in the temperature of the coach the next day. It was much cooler while sitting in the sun and the air conditioner does not run as much."

Jack Conn of Phoenix

"After coating the inside shell of my eagle coach conversion with 30 mil of TC Ceramic, it went from being an oven inside in Arizona sun, to being almost cold inside. We also coated half a piece of sheet metal on one side. In the sun, the difference between one end and the other was more than 40 degrees.

Jim Witham of Los Angeles

"I coated the underside of my Winnebago above the muffler and exhaust pipe with about 50 mil of TC Industrial Ceramic. The exhaust heat problems I was having are now gone. TC Industrial Ceramic is an excellent insulation product."


TC Ceramic was very impressive when tested for insulating for breakdown volts. At 26 mil it was effective to 1400 breakdown volts and at 50 mil it was effective to 2500 breakdown volts.

Beer Distributors (Budweiser Beer)

After the reefer roof was coated, we pulled the temp down to 34° and left it overnight in a hot humid evening with the reefer off and the next morning it was 40 degrees. We were very pleased. On the trailer, we are now able to keep it down to 40°F which we couldn't do before.

Beer Distributing (Coors Beer)

We are coating the interior of roll-up doors of our delivery trailers with 40 mil of TC Industrial Ceramic to be in compliance with our contract insulation requirements with Coors.

Anheuser-Busch Kauai Cold Storage

We coated the south and west walls and the roof with TC Industrial Ceramic. In January, this cut the heat through the walls and roof 15 to 19 degrees. Out electric bill dropped approximately $20,000 a year - about 20% to 25%.

Beer Distributor, Southern Florida

Before we coated our building (walls and roof), we set our refrigeration at 60° trying to maintain 68°. By three o'clock each afternoon the interior temperature was 72° and climbing. After coating the building, we have our temperature setting at 68° year round. Our energy bill has dropped.

Capital Studios

We used 40 mil of TC Industrial Ceramic on the walls and ceiling of a new sound production room. It cut the acoustical noise dramatically so as to not have a sound "ping." The only problem now is that the room is too cold as the air conditioner thermostat is in an adjacent room that is not insulated with TC industrial Ceramic, thus is warmer.

James Kelly

The coating on the roof definitely improved the air conditioning in the coach. The girls used blankets several times during the trip. The coating on the upper windshield seemed to do well even though I covered it with black dull paint like aircraft noses in front of the cockpit. If you feel the glass and then the area coated, the glass is definitely hotter. Also the cupboards behind the windshield are cooler.

Pipe Equipment Co.

I was in Tijuana this week to check out the job we are doing down there. The Knakk Boxes that we coated with TC Industrial Ceramic are working out very well. The equipment inside is staying cool.

Arizona School District

Coating the roof of one of our metal buildings with TC Industrial Ceramic dropped the under roof temperature 40°.

Midwest Power Plant

We coated our cold water intake pipe with 40 mil of TC Industrial Ceramic. Before coating the pipe, it sweat constantly and was a constant drip problem along with corrosion. After coating the pipe, there was not a drop of water on the outside of the pipe.

Midwest Manufacturing Plant

We have multiple cast iron pressure vessels which have always been insulated. However, the corrosion under the insulation was slowly eating away the iron. We coated the pressure vessels with 200 mil of TC Ceramic to stop the corrosion and insulate the units. The system is working extremely well. The corrosion is gone and you can now put your hand on the surface of the vessel even though it is operating at 350°F.

Midwest Manufacturing Plant

Equipment that previously could not be insulated completely, now is coated and insulated completely with TC Industrial Ceramic. The equipment operating temperatures are 350°F. The room temperature with little venting available, was 130°F which did not allow for workers to work in there for more than 15 min. at a time. It is now 110°F and workers can now stay in there for longer periods.

West Coat Wood Processing Plant

We have always had problems with our ducting system due to condensation. After coating the outsides of the ducts with 40 mil of TC Ceramic, the condensation problems went away.

West Coat Industrial Plant

We use to clean our dust collection system every week. After coating the ducts with TC Industrial Ceramic, we now clean the system every 30 to 90 days. Huge cost savings.

Coach Conversion Owner

I just put on TC Ceramic on my 4502 and all I can say it is fantastic. I did not spray it on but used a roller. I put on 4 coats, 9 gallons, roof down to the gutters. I went from both A/C's on high w/thermostat set closed all the time. This is 100° plus heat now. After the TC Ceramic I now set the A/C's on low speed and set the thermostat to slowly just just to keep it cool at 70° degrees and they just cycle on and off all day.

Coach Owner

Worst thing about TC Ceramic is getting rid of the icicles that form on the ceiling. Lab tests results do not support some of the fantastic results that are reported from the field. It has minimal thermal R value but does have good reflective value and sealing capability.

Western Mine Processing Plant

We were having problems with condensation and corrosion on the inside of our bag house dust collection system. We coated the inside of the bag house and our condensation and corrosion problems went away. The whole system is now more efficient now that the condensation is not causing the system to plug up and to corrode.

Beer Distributor - Central Florida

We coated the roofs of all of our keg reefer trailers and reduced the fuel and reefer maintenance costs by 30%.

Off Shore Drilling Ship

We had not piping in several areas of the ship. In one section, where it was 115°F, coating the hot pipe with TC Industrial Ceramic dropped the room temperature 15°F.

Dog Kennel Manufacturer

We coated the outside of our portable dog kennels with about 45 mil of TC Industrial Ceramic. Our dogs are comfortable. Interior stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Bus Conversion Shop Owner

"I am now doing a coach for a man that bought ceramic paint for his coach. He bought it 3 years ago. It is so hard on top that you have to use a heavy hammer to drive a 1.5 piece of angle iron down into it to brake it up and it takes at least 30 minutes of mixing to make it like thick putty. Then put it through hard wire screen, twice, to get the lumps out. Is this the way it comes, or is it because it is old? After two days I was able to spray 35 gallons on the inside of his coach. By the way, I painted half off the S.S. exhaust pipe on gen. set and run it 30 minutes. You could lay your hand on the painted side but not the unpainted side. It does work. I put the paint on with an airless and had a hard time with the top, didn't have the right one. It sprayed better in the clean outside."