TC Ceramic

Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating

Product Specifications

Product Description


Chemical Description

Single Component, Waterborne Acrylic Polymer with Silicon Microspheres



Product Usage

TC Ceramic (previously known as Thermal-Coat) is a liquid insulation, consisting of a mixture of various silicon and ceramic beads blended into a high quality acrylic polymer. TC Ceramic is designed to provide both thermal and acoustical insulation for a variety of industrial applications, providing an effective, inexpensive alternative to the high cost of typical insulation systems.  Due to its excellent reflectivity and emissivity, TC Ceramic excels at insulating structures and equipment from radiant energy gain.  99% of the radiant energy that comes in contact with TC Ceramic is either reflected or re-emitted, meaning only 1% of the radiant energy is absorbed.  TC Ceramic also performs very well at protecting personnel from burn hazards on hot or cold structures and equipment.  Because it physically adheres to the surface, TC Ceramic significantly reduces corrosion and rust formation. TC Ceramic is extremely lightweight and pliable, therefore, it expands and contracts with the surface to which it is applied.  The use of TC Ceramic, in place of other insulation, reduces both the space and weight for any given structure or piece of equipment.




Standard color is white.  Special colors available upon request.



Product Certifications

Passes ASTM C1055-99 standard for protection from burn injuries.



Product Advantages

·    Excellent radiant reflectivity and emissivity properties – significantly reduces radiant energy gain


·    Low thermal conductivity – good conductive insulation properties


·    Very good burn safety characteristics – excellent for personnel protection


·    Light weight – less weight than other insulations


·    Good adhesion – bonds well to a variety of substrates


·    Moisture resistant – helps to prevent corrosion and rust formation


·    Easy application/installation – installs in much less time than other insulations


·    Reduces or eliminates condensation



Typical applications

·         Pipe and Valve Insulation


·         Tank Insulation


·         Roof Coating


·         Interior and Exterior Wall Insulation


·         Interior and Exterior Ducting



Surface Preparation

Preparation requirements vary.  Contact Capstone Mfg. for assistance.



Coating Systems



Steel:  self-priming or corrosion resistant primer


Non-Ferrous Metals and Galvanized Steel:  self-priming


Concrete:  self-priming


Wood:  self-priming




Acrylic Latex Compatible Systems:  not recommended for burn safety applications.